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Our business model

BW Energy’s proven business model is designed to deliver superior returns and growth at modest investment levels, using proven and tested development concepts and existing infrastructure. Once an asset has been de-risked through the initial phase of production, the field can be further advanced and monetised through phased developments. The differentiated business model has proven efficient in gaining access to opportunities which allows for lower cost of entry.

The Company’s objectives can be summarised in six key points:

1. Maximize the long-term value of BW Energy producing assets

2. Progress discovered resources toward project sanction at very conservative estimates of reserves

3. Short development cycle to begin production

4. Operating cash flow funding further developments

5. Add new resources through low per barrel acquisitions and active exploration around established infrastructure

6. Return value to shareholders through dividends and share price appreciation

BW Energy has the right-sized organization to move quickly and opportunistically to pursue value and has proven its ability to succeed where other oil and gas exploration and production companies have not been able to define enough reserves for a full field development.