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Our strategy

BW Energy has quickly developed into a full-cycle independent energy company. BW Energy’s vision is “Delivering energy for the world today and finding solutions for tomorrow”. The Company delivers on that vision by unlocking proven world-wide offshore oil and gas resources utilizing existing energy infrastructure leading to lower development costs, faster project delivery and reduced carbon emissions.

The Company believes the world will continue to require a stable, safe, and efficient supply of hydrocarbon products in coming decades for power generation, transportation, and the production of essential products required to sustain modern societies and a growing global population.

Employing an infrastructure-led development strategy allows BW Energy to develop unique solutions to unlock existing brownfield production and undeveloped discoveries. The development strategy enables organic growth combined with short lead time from investment decision to cash generation, reduced capital exposure and project risk, while yielding world-class returns at the current forward prices for oil and gas.

By developing already proven reserves and the re-use of existing energy production infrastructure, BW Energy seeks to minimize carbon emissions tied to exploration and development activities.

The Company recognizes the ongoing energy transition and the need to decarbonize societies over time to mitigate negative effects of climate change. As emerging economies seek to increase electrification, BW Energy considers the strategic deployment of natural gas-based power generation an important enabler for energy transition. Material reductions to emissions are accelerated with the replacement of coal and heavy fuel oil (HFO) in electricity production. This may ultimately also pave the way for increased supply of renewable energy over time.

BW Energy’s ambition is to contribute to the global energy transition, but at a realistic pace that effectively adapts to significant changes in the energy economy. For BW Energy, this includes strategically positioning the Company to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of oil and gas production and to develop gas-to-power projects to accelerate the electrification in emerging markets and potentially becoming a supplier of reliable, base load power.

Through the execution of its strategy, BW Energy intends to deliver growth, attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns and strong cash flow generation to the benefit of the Company’s shareholders through share price appreciation and dividends. In parallel, BW Energy seeks to create long-term sustainable value for its partners, employees and for the countries in which the Company operates through support of local business activity and tax income.