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Our strategy

BW Energy is an independent energy company, utilising existing offshore oil and gas production facilities to reduce development costs, accelerate project delivery and minimise carbon emissions.

The BW Energy organisation is agile and moves quickly and opportunistically to pursue value. It has succeeded where other oil and gas exploration and production companies have failed to execute a profitable solution. Employing an infrastructure-led development strategy allows for tailored solutions to unlock existing brownfield production and undeveloped greenfield discoveries. This facilitates short lead time from investment decision to cash generation, reduced capital exposure and project risk, while yielding attractive returns at the current forward prices for oil and gas.

Executing its strategy, BW Energy intends to deliver growth, attractive long-term risk adjusted returns, and strong cash flow generation to the benefit of shareholders through share price appreciation and dividends. BW Energy seeks to create long-term value for its partners, employees, and for the countries in which it operates.

BW Energy integrates sustainability into the company’s mindset and business practices to responsibly develop and produce oil and gas fields. BW Energy is committed to efficient, reliable, and compliant operations with zero harm to people, the environment, and the communities in which it operates. Integrated into BW Energy’s sustainability strategy is a long-term focus on gas. BW Energy plans to apply its strategy to efficiently develop greenfield and brownfield gas opportunities. For brownfield gas opportunities, BW Energy will acquire fields with existing oil production that can be further developed into long-term gas production. This enables upfront cash generation that will be reinvested to capture additional value from gas sales and potential downstream power generation.

Backed by a highly competent team with exploration and production experience across various disciplines and major basins worldwide, BW Energy benefits from a unique heritage in offshore production infrastructure development. The Company’s entrepreneurial culture fosters innovation, driving forward exploration and development programmes. BW Energy strives to ensure that employees, contractors, and suppliers have the right training, tools, and knowledge to support safe execution of its strategy.

BW Energy’s proven business model is designed to deliver superior returns and growth at modest investment levels, using proven and tested development concepts and existing infrastructure. The business model is efficient in gaining access to opportunities resulting in lower cost of entry.